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Powder line


Dusting line: spray effect in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and so on better than the painting process, the cost is also under the same effect of paint.

Electrostatic powder room works: working state, centrifugal fan through the filter element to the powder spray room to continue out of the air in the spray at the mouth of the work to form a sustained low-speed large flow from the outside of the air flow, the air Can ensure that the spray within the flying powder will not overflow;

The role of the filter: the existence of the filter, only the air can be discharged through the fan, the powder will be blocked by the filter, stay in the spray room.

Automatic pulse backflush device role: a long time work, due to the accumulation of powder in the filter surface will seriously plug the filter, so that the recovery of the recovery system to reduce the effect, so in the system by adding "automatic pulse backflush" device, automatic cleaning Filter powder on the outer surface of the powder to ensure the smooth flow of air, thus ensuring the continuous spraying process, the entire recovery system to maintain a good recovery effect.

Dusting system

Powder spray in the small whirlwind + filter recovery device is more advanced, faster color of the powder recovery device. The key part of the dusting system is recommended to use imported products, powder room, electric machinery lifts and other components all domestic.