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High-precision high-end technology to further enhance the demand for high-end bearings


In recent years, the basic materials of powder metallurgy have been developed, mainly the stable and rapid development of China's national economy. The development of major industries such as automobile, home appliance, metallurgy and chemical industry has led to the development of powder metallurgy industry. Bearings are important and key components in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determine the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products, and are known as the "heart" parts of equipment manufacturing.

Although the development of China's bearings in recent years continue to progress, but compared with the world's bearing industry, China's bearings there are still some gaps. The main performance is high-tech, high precision, high value-added products, the proportion of low product stability needs to be further improved and improved. By the impact of the global economic situation last year, China's bearing manufacturing industry have a certain impact, a substantial reduction in bearing orders, compared to previous years, lower orders generally around the original overcapacity in the market to form a more intense competition, threatening the majority The survival of the enterprise.

With the increase in policy support, I believe that China's bearing industry will usher in the development of the spring, will accelerate the process of localization of high-end bearings for China's major equipment manufacturing completely provide a solid foundation.

China is actively promoting the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, high-tech, high-precision high-end bearing demand will be further enhanced, which requires domestic production enterprises to continuously upgrade the technical level, speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, narrowing the gap between imported and high-end bearings , To achieve high-end bearing the localization of the market.

At the same time, in recent years, metal powder manufacturing industry is the largest investment period, China's metal powder manufacturing industry's largest development period, but China's production of reduced iron products and foreign manufacturers, there is a big gap, In the following areas:

The stability of the performance of the metal powder, especially the stability of the powder between batches, directly affects the quality of the powder metallurgy product. The reason, in addition to the daily production process to strictly control the chemical composition of iron, particle size and particle size composition, the main should be in the reduction of iron powder factory before the powder in-depth study.

It is reported that China's production of reduced iron powder continues to grow, the variety is expanding, the quality is improving, the market is well developed. but. As the production of raw materials to reduce the price of iron powder, metal powder manufacturing industry operating pressure. Metal powder manufacturers should increase technological innovation, optimize the production process, reduce production costs. Expand the application of reduced iron powder, so that China's metal powder manufacturing industry to maintain a stable and rapid development.